Where All the New Art Galleries Are…

By Kristin Lim

Oct 23, 2020

Galleries and museums have thankfully begun to re-open, and, it turns out, there are a handful of exciting new art galleries in the mix. Gallery-hopping may not be quite the same as pre-pandemic, and sure you may have to book a time before visiting, but it is worth the (minimal) effort to get out and see some art and their unique venues.

HOWARD495, a stone’s throw from Monte Clark and in the same building as Bocci’s offices, is a new project space run by art advisor Krista Howard, specialising in secondary market work. Opened earlier this year, but closed temporarily in mid-March along with everything else, the gallery swiftly moved their exhibitions online. The current show MASK.ING brings together 15 diverse artists including Beau Dick, Douglas Coupland, Cindy Sherman, Adad Hannah, and Tyler Toews, connected through their use of masks. The exhibition is on until November 28th and is a reminder that online viewing rooms can’t replace the experience of seeing art in person. Gallery hours are usually Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM-4PM or by appointment.

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HOWARD495 495 Railway St., 2nd Floor MAP