Capture Photography Festival

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Undoubtedly we are all wondering what happens now… that we are all shut up in our homes, social distancing and looking for ways to adapt to these unprecedented circumstances.  We wait for reports on confirmed cases, death counts, recoveries, updates on vaccinations, PPE and ventilators.  Masks, toilet paper and hand sanitizers are now a necessity, yet near impossible to find.  We are provided with information on the proper way to cough, sneeze and breathe and how to communicate with each other from a distance of 6 feet.   As we look to new ways to “be” in this new normal and shift to an almost complete reliance on technology as our sole means of communication, the art world too is adapting.   The arts are capable of bringing us moments of joy and hope in dire circumstances and their contribution to our overall well-being is clear in my mind, especially now, as we as a global community find ourselves confined to our homes.  Nothing will ever replace experiencing art first hand, but accessing art virtually is a much better option than going without.

We are pleased to be participating in Capture Photography Festival 2020; certain to be a year we will all remember.  It is heartening to know that despite our current circumstances the Capture team has persevered and has opted to present a digitized version- the show must go on!

You can visit Capture’s website to view their catalogue and peruse their online programming, virtual exhibitions and video tours.

We are presenting two exhibitions in our project space and are open virtually as of Friday, April 10 and currently by appointment.

Please do check us out!

Gif Hannah Collins, Money, Death and Industry, 1986


Wait Until Dark

Curated by Stephen Waddell


Theo Terry

Artificial Shrimp and Other Simulacra

Supported by a Tricera Printing Grant



Based in Vancouver, Howard495 is an Art Consultancy with a dynamic space specializing in secondary market work with a focus on the global market.  Krista Howard, H495’s art consultant and dealer, invites you to come explore the gallery at your leisure and immerse yourself in art work from local, national and international artists.





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