Working across both residential and commercial collections, Krista Howard and her team at H495 have carefully curated and installed artworks of a wide range of clients and needs. Commercial spaces currently housing work acquired by H495 include – 

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Selection of Work Placed

Richard Prince
Lee Friedlander
Sarah Anne Johnson
Robert Rauschenberg
Daniel Crew Chubb
Thomas Ruff
Lisa Yuskavage
Chantal Joffe
Alex Prager
Katherine Bernhardt
George Condo
Jeff Koons
Vik Muniz
James Nares
Julian Opie
Jonas Wood
Daniel Buetti
Robert Longo

Andy Warhol
Damien Hirst
Roy Lichtenstein
Jim Dine
Elizabeth McIntosh
Stephen Waddell
Damian Moppett
Tyler Shields
Miles Alderidge
Alison Yip
Mel Bochner
Anthony Goicolea
Paul Housley
Brian Jungen
Chloe Wise
Neil Farber
Jon Rafman
Karin Bubas

Owen Kydd
Chief Beau Dick Walas Gyum
Shawn Hunt
Attila Richard Lukacs
Tony Scherman
Ben Reeves
Gigaemi Kukwits
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun
Gordon Smith
Philippe Raphanel
Etienne Zack
Angela Teng
Jack Shadbolt
Kim Dorland
Fred Herzog
Greg Girard
Tyler Toews                                            Nick Lepard                                           Jean-Michele Basquiat