Our Services

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Howard495 has worked with clients in both the private and corporate sectors globally since 2006. Carefully curating, acquiring and fulfilling a wide range of collecting needs, providing our clients with services tailored to their specific requirements. We work with individuals at all levels, from emerging to seasoned collectors to startup companies and well-established corporations.

- Managing Acquisitions
- Art Collection Management & Strategy
- Deaccession of collections
- Client representation during private negotiations
- Appraisal Servies
- Collaboration with architects and designers
- Research & Market Analysis
- Framing services
- Delivery, Shipping & Installation
- Arranging site-specific commission artworks
Our Process

Initial Consultation - H495 holds an initial art consultation in order to determine personal aesthetics, collecting goals, and budget allocation. From there the process evolves to narrowing down interests, preferences and strategies.  Which in turn directs us to relevant artists, collectors and galleries. 

Budget Allocation - H495 assists both new and experienced collectors working within the parameters of any budget.  We endeavour to make all areas of the art world transparent for our clients, educating them on their acquisition and its potential for growth.  We understand that art collecting is at times not strictly an aesthetic endeavor and can be considered an alternate form of asset allocation.

Proposal - We work within the parameters set by you. With regular monitoring of art schools, auctions, news and events, H495 stays current with developments and global changes in the art world. We travel regularly to attend art fairs, biennials, gallery exhibitions and regular studio visits with emerging and mid-career artists to help us build a knowledgable and relevant proposal that fits the client's needs.

Acquisition -  Long term relationships with dealers, gallerists, advisors, collectors, and auction house specialists provides H495 with access to difficult to acquire, sought after work from both emerging and established artists. Once the client's chosen work(s) have been acquired, H495 organizes all post purchase needs, from framing and shipping, to delivery and installation. For larger collections, we curate, photograph, catalogue and manage inventories.

Fee Structure - H495 maintains a transparent fee structure. Once the scope of work is determined during the complimentary, initial consultation, based on the clients needs they will either be charged a set project fee or a percentage commission on the works purchased. Billable hours for research and personal collection building will be deducted upon acquisition. 

Please note we have a strict no return policy on all acquisitions unless otherwise stated.