24 June – 29 September, 2023

Howard495 is pleased to present Layered a group exhibition featuring works by Jack Shadbolt, Chris Johanson, Peter Doyle, Richard Prince, Brian Jungen, Ron Terada, Luce Meunier, Damien Hirst, Graham Gilmore, Kim Dorland, Patrick James Bravo, Hans Wendt, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Andrew Olcott, Scott Myles and Owen Kydd.

Artists have long recognized the significance of layering in their creative practice. In this exhibition we celebrate the multifaceted importance of layering, seeking out its various dimensions and showcasing its profound impact on artistic expression. Layered delves into the narrative of process and interpretations of meaning. The focus in this exhibition is not limited to technique or materiality but transcends these formal elements, leaning into by extension, the philosophical complexities of the artwork.

Exhibition installation photography – RACHEL TOPHAM PHOTOGRAPHY