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What We Do

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, HOWARD495 is an art advisory firm, serving both new and dedicated collectors globally since 2006. Acquisitions are approached with a critical and discerning eye, offering a customized, collaborative approach to the acquisition of art for both residential and commercial collections. Whether a single purchase, refreshment of an existing collection or a long-term art acquisition strategy, H495 provides complete discretion and an unbiased commitment to ensure client selections are guided by, and are a reflection of, each collector’s unique and distinctive aesthetic and allocated budget.

With regular monitoring of art schools, auctions, news and events, H495 stays current with developments and global changes in the art world. We travel regularly to attend art fairs, biennials, museum shows and gallery exhibitions. Long term relationships with dealers, gallerists, advisors, and auction house specialists provides H495 with knowledge of and access to, difficult to acquire sought after works from both emerging and established artists.

We Get It

H495 holds an initial art consultation in order to determine personal aesthetics, collecting goals, and budget allocation. From there the process evolves to, at the least, narrowing down interests, preferences and strategies which directs us to certain artists and galleries. We understand that art collecting is at times more than simply an aesthetic endeavor and can be considered an alternate form of asset allocation. Closely working with our clients we endeavour to make the art world transparent and aim to educate the collector on their acquisitions and their potential for growth. With this in mind we direct clients towards artists with an art historical focus, with an eye to leaving an imprint in the ever changing future of art history.

Our Services

H495 assists its clients with all aspects related to their art collecting needs, from research and education, to acquisition and installation.
  • Research – comparable condition, provenance, art historical relevance, investment valuations
  • Collection strategy
  • Acquisition
  • Framing
  • Delivery and shipping
  • Installation services
  • Inventory management
  • Collection deaccession
  • Collaboration with architects and designers
  • Appraisal services