Month: April 2022

Rennie Museum Spring 2022: Collected Works – review 

We visited Spring 2022: Collected Works at the Rennie Museum this past week.  A group exhibition showcasing the work of 3 photo-based contemporary artists –  Katy Grannan, Larry Clark and Andres Serrano.   The palpable weight of the exhibit was heavy -oppressive – albeit enticing.  I gazed freely, partaking in intimate moments lived by vulnerable …

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green heart emoji

As part of Capture Photography Festival 2022 BAF presents  💚  by Sara Gulamali.  green heart emoji features work created by Gulamali during her 2022 winter residency at BAF and reflects on the artist’s recent relocation to Vancouver.  The work explores a post-colonial navigation into the hyper-visibility or invisibility of Muslim women using green screen technology.  For the artist, …

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